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 Sant Joan d’Oló – El Moianès – Barcelona
GPS: 41.836640, 2.002050
Eix Transversal exit 151 and 157

+ 34 684 413 644

    Our philosophy

    Sustainable Tourism

    Reduce, reuse and recycle We have a commitment to sustainable tourism, respecting the place in which it lies. At L’Espinalt, we use the resources provided to us by our immediate environment. We use sustainable and renewable energies. We consume natural, organic and zero kilometre products.

    Located in the Moianès county

    Enjoy nature

    An estate dating from the eleventh century, it is a heritage of the region, covering 70 hectares, 10 of which are devoted to crop growing.

    A natural setting where you can enjoy nature to the full as the estate is surrounded by forests and a great biodiversity of local plants and flora.


    L’Espinalt L’Espinalt has 4 bedrooms, 3 of them standard doubles and the fourth is a large double of over 50 square metres with a fireplace. Each one symbolises an essential part of the farm. The bedrooms are fully fitted with every last detail to allow you to switch off during your stay.
    You’ll feel just like at home!


    Zero kilometre

    Our cuisine is made using zero kilometre produce and from our own crops and gardens. Dishes that convey unique sensations that you can only get with local and organic produce of great quality.

    We adapt to suit your needs!


    L’Espinalt is the ideal setting for events, celebrations, workshops, talks, business meetings and friends’ get-togethers. Just drop us a line at with your idea. 


    + 34 684 413 644


    Sant Joan d’Oló (El Moianes)
    GPS 41.836640, 2.002050