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 Sant Joan d’Oló – El Moianès – Barcelona
GPS: 41.836640, 2.002050
Eix Transversal exit 151 and 157

+ 34 684 413 644


    Our philosophy

    Our philosophy

    ECO philosophy: reduce, reuse and recycle

    We have a commitment to sustainable tourism, respecting the place in which it lies. At L’Espinalt, we use the resources provided to us by our immediate environment. We use sustainable and renewable energies. We consume natural, organic and zero kilometre products.

    Our philosophy

    Eco-Friendly accommodation

    Our space is constructed using sustainable architecture. L’Espinalt is built with environment-friendly materials. The building adapts to its environment, and we have restored its original dry stone walls, as well as the water basin (using construction techniques from the time with stone and lime waterproofing). Its restoration has enabled us to increase the volume of water, and so have greater autonomy in irrigating our kitchen garden.


    The location of the farmhouse, isolated from basic services, has made us prioritise the installation and use of renewable energies (solar, biomass, wind).


    The installation of a biomass boiler using firewood from the property, and an aerothermal system with a water accumulator offer greater efficiency in reducing fuel consumption.


    There’s never any water to spare! We make efficient use of energy and water. Saving water is very important, so our showers and taps have filters to reduce consumption, just as the cisterns do. At L’Espinalt, we have a complete water cycle: we extract it, transport it, filter it, make rational use of it, purify it naturally and, finally, return it to the environment.


    LED lighting in all areas.


    We use environment-friendly products and services; our cleaning products are neutral and organic.


    Zero kilometre products. Is there anything better than enjoying the produce of the land? Straight from the garden to the table. At L’Espinalt, we are committed to natural produce from local producers.


    Finally: Connect with nature! L’Espinalt lies in a privileged setting for enjoying nature first hand.

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    Gastronomic offer

    Our cuisine is made using zero kilometre produce and from our own crops and gardens. Dishes that convey unique sensations that you can only get with local and organic produce of great quality.



    Do you like cooking?

    There is also kitchen space available for you to use. It is a fully fitted area, where you will find all the utensils you need to prepare your own delicious dishes. It is also an ECO kitchen with efficient electrical appliances for maximum energy optimisation. For more information drop us a line at